16 Points Landing Page Checklist


1.     Market Call out:

Make sure to call out visitors with recognizable images and vocabulary.

2.   Clear and concise

Make the landing pages clear and precise, so that the visitors can be sure what services you are offering.

3.   Easily understood:

The land page should deliver its means so that visitors are not perplexed in any way.

4.   Compelling Headline

The headline should be clear, concise and understandable and should grab the attention of the visitors.

 5.   CTA Above the Fold:

The customers want all the information to be displayed on one page, therefore, you should offer them all the services.

 6.   Contrasting Button:

The color of the button should contrast with the surrounding elements.

 7.   Custom Button Text:

The button should display the relevant text, that clearly explains its purpose.

 8.   Social Proof:

Social share icons i.e. No: of downloads/subscribers, Google all lets your visitors know that they’re not making a wrong decision by opting you.

9.    Limited Navigation:

The landing page should not distract the visitor to take them away from the page.

10.   Uses Visual Cues:

The landing page should show visual cues to the direct call to action. This helps the visitor and lets you grab their attention.

11.    Hero Shot:

The picture or text of some popular celebrity will attract visitors.

12.   Limited Form Fields:

Ask for the relevant information only, more details will eventually work against you.

13.    Source congruency:

The ad or the banner should be the same on both the landing pages and ad that brought visitors to your website.

14.   Brand consistency:

The overall look of your page should be consistent and rightfully serve its purpose.

15.   Enable Sharing:

The landing pages should include Facebook and other social media links so that visitors find it easy to share their feedback or comments.

16.  Visible privacy policy and TOS:

The privacy policy and terms of services should be highlighted, it not only helps to gain the trust of visitors rather also contributes to advertising on some other sites too.