Step by Step Black Friday Marketing Strategy 2019

Black Friday is considered as one of the most prominent events for the businesses. All the businesses come up with new discounts and offers, but few of them stand out, and most of the business don’t. So, we want to help you by suggesting a Winning Black Friday Marketing Strategy 2019.

Step 0:

Know Whom You Are Selling To

There is always an essential question for all online stores, whom you are selling to? To answer this question, one must conduct solid market research and survey. You must know all your potential customers; it could be your

  1. Buyers
  2. Subscribers
  3. Fans
  4. Remarking Audience
  5. Topline /New customer

Step 1:

The Basic Flow

  • There are two significant ways to bring traffic; ads and email
  • For email, you should design a lucrative newsletter which persuades the audience to make the purchase
  • The ads copy should be interesting enough to convince the audience to follow the link
  • Design landing page, which satisfies the visitor to make the purchase.

Step 2:

The Look/Feel

Design your landing page and emails to make it feel to your customer. You need to understand the theme of your page and apply it on each ad and email, and it should be congruent

The Following content must have homogenous essence of your theme:

  1. Offer page
  2. Video
  3. Email
  4. Newsletter
  5. Landing page
  6. Different banners on a specific theme
  7. GIFS image
  8. Offer page with countdown timer
  9. Bundles

Step 3:

The Offer

You should promote your offers from time to time.

The Black Friday Sale 2019 in itself is a great event. You should come up with a unique offer on this event to stand out among your competitors.

Here are a few offers, from which you can choose according to the compatibility with your Niche.’

  1. Bundles 3in1 with discount
  2. Two-step dandy, cross-selling, using a heat map you can analyze the clicks
  3. Pre-purchase order bumps
  4. Pre-purchase “Bump Cross-Sell” Using pricing tiers
  5. Upsell to bundle (Like amazon have bundle option)

In your offer, there are some rules which should be followed for the conversions:

  • You should offer a Minimum 10% Discount. Anything less than that is like a joke for the visitors.
  • The offer page should be mobile friendly (Light Weight). You must ensure the mobile version of your offer page.
  • Use Countdown timers to make a psychological impact on the customers.
  • Frame the Offer for Gifting.

Step 4:

The Product Page

The product page is the second last page, which persuades the buyer to make a purchase. The final page is the checkout page, but on that page, the buyer already makes their decision to buy the product. There are few tips which are proven are useful to help the buyer in their decision.

  1. Use Carousel images of the product. Add multiple images from different angle dimensions, show the use of the product is possible, ingredients of the product, videos under 30 sec (if possible).
  2. Make an eye-catching Buy Box. The buyer box helps in clarifying the usage of the product and its significance.
  3. Call to action button should be prominent on the whole product page. Here are few guidelines to make a compelling call to action button
    • Call to action above the fold desktop or to action button example
    • Full-width CTA buttons on mobile.
    • USPs or guarantee under Call to action button.
    • Isolation effect should be used in the call to action button contrasting color from the rest of the page.
  1. There must be an option of live chat on your product page to make your site interactive. There should an automated Pop-up chat box with a message “Hi, How can I help you?” and the timing of this message could be set, which suits you. 15,30,45,60 seconds all these are nominal time, but 30 seconds is the magic number.
  2. Upsell to increase the average order value. Show the additional product at a discounted price in the checkout page.


The Ads

  • To increase the reach of your website. You would advertise the link on a different platform, and The ads should be effective to grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Use of Video advertisement and image advertising are useful nowadays. If a person is watching your video, there are 35% chances that he would be your customer sooner or later. And on average 20% purchase image ads
  • Again isolation effect of “call to action” button
  • You should have AVO maximizer on each page
  • Your ad should be compatible to all devices.
  • Multi-channel remarketing, use all the social media channels for remarketing your site. To do so, you must retarget viewers and visitors. Use testimonials to retarget those people who visited the sale but did not buy.
  • Use Facebook Messenger to interact with the visitor on your Facebook page.
  • There should be Ads for every sub-campaign. You have to break down your campaign into a sub-campaign and make an ad for every sub-campaign.
  • Replicate your Facebook Ad to Google Ad. Don’t make a separate ad for Facebook and Google. Use the same ads for these two giants’ marketing platforms.

For the Ads the Minimum assets you need are

  • Ad Images
  • 30-120 sec video (insta/Fb feed/ YouTube) of Testimonial.
  • 10-15 second video (Fb pre-roll)
  • Insta story / FB story on ad (5-15 second gif/image/vid)
  • Email banner images
  • Sales page design

Step 6:

The Email

Email Marketing gives maximum conversion rates among all marketing channels. An online business that manages its email marketing effectively can ultimately be successful. You have to make emails for each possible event. The popular events are

  • Plan peak day promos
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Green Monday
  • Free Shipping Day on Christmas

You must have 3 emails designed for each event to make an effective email strategy. The three emails would be like these

  • Pre Event
  • On Event day
  • Post Event

Mini Campaigns

To maximize the sales by email marketing, you should plan mini campaigns on these possible titles:

  • Pre-launch early bird, discounts for your initial customers
  • Sale Opener of Big Event, kind of pre-event
  • Specific product call out, promote your most selling product
  • Bundle call outs, Create a bundle of two to three products in discounted price
  • Shipping deadline, offer free shipping for a limited time.
  • Sale deadline, offer sales for a limited time

The reason to offer sale and shipping for a limited time makes a psychological impact on the buyer to make their purchases right now to avail this offer. Offering for a limited time is a proven technique to increase sales.

All these strategies are sufficient to make an effective Black Friday Marketing Strategy for the upcoming Black Friday Sale 2019.

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