8 Best And Easy Ways To Make Money Online

We are showing you below some of the 8 Best Genius and Easy Ways to Make Money Online Today in your spare time. In any case, there are various ways you can take the comfort of your home and turn your interest and skills into real cash online.

1: Drop Shipping:

In online marketing, you must have heard about various online eCommerce models. One of them is dropshipping. Dropshipping is one of the best easy to ways to make online. Today, dropshipping has become a highly profitable eCommerce business model that can be started with almost zero investment. Dropshipping involves the supplier, the dropshipping store and the customer.

Advantage of Drop Shipping:

Minimum Risk: It started for free and you don’t have to invest thousands on products. So there is very low risk and you don’t have much to lose.

Convenience for Supplier and Dropshipping Store: Neither the drop shopping store needs to worry about the shipping and packaging of the product, nor do the suppliers have to worry about marketing and promotions and both reap the good profit. You can work with multiple wholesalers at once.
Low Barrier to Entry: In drop shipping, you don’t have to pay upfront for the products. You can also sell your products with the highest selling items in your store.
Easier to Scale: It is completely digital and does not require a storage facility, therefore, easier to scale. Even if one product doesn’t sell well than dropshipping stores owners can easily move to a better selling product.

Disadvantage of Drop Shipping:

Low Profit Margins: Most drop shippers tend to simply give up because the profit margins are too low. However, if you look closely at it, dropshipping is not a short-term business. It is all about staying in the game and moving up the ladder one step at a time.

Liability of Products: Dropshipping is a business where you sell a product you haven’t actually seen. Therefore, the chances of product failure are high. When this happens, you are responsible for returning the original amount to the customer and returning the product to the supplier.
High Competition: The high competition can become a problem for drop shippers who aren’t too careful about the way they market their products. Only changing strategies, and keeping above the trends is the only way you can keep yourself ahead within the competition.
Complicated Shipping: In the drop shipping the shipping is pretty complex and managing orders can be a hard task.

The Dropshipping Sales Funnel Model:

2: Productized Service:

A productized service takes a typical service, such as web design, and creates an off-the-shelf style solution. Productized services are services that are packaged, sold and delivered just like products. For Example, I’ll wash your car for $50. You spent $50 and left with a washed car.
Service businesses are the easiest kind to start because they require zero up-front investment of money.

Advantage of Productized Service:

No more proposals: The first one of the best things about productized services is that you’ll no longer have to write proposals. Once you have written up detailed descriptions for each service, other than some fine-tuning, you are done.
The traditional way of servicing: Providing a service as your business is a tale as old as time. It’s easy to sell. You can offer more than what they have purchased, faster delivery speeds, complementary services, and more. The possibilities are endless.
Hourly Rates: Billing by the hour creates an instant conflict of interest. As soon as you shift to productized services you know exactly what you’re going to make and the client knows exactly what they will pay. Everyone is Happy.
Questions from Clients: In productized services, your clients are much clearer about what they are getting for their money. Having a menu of services and prices makes it clear that if you want to add something into your order than it comes with a specific cost attached to it.

Disadvantage of Productized Service:

Billing by the hour is bad for you: If you naturally work fast, an hourly rate puts you at a disadvantage. You have to charge what looks like disproportionately high rates to a client, even though their price will work out to the same or less than if they’d gone with someone who charged a lower hourly rate but worked slower.
Serve immediately: You have to start selling your service almost immediately. It can be very competitive for simple tasks. Most of the people who buy the services want this service to be completed tomorrow.

The Productized Service Sales Funnel:

3: Sell Other People’s Product:

Easy ways to Making money online by selling other people’s products is another better way to earn. If you are not a developer, but you are good at marketing, it may be right for you to build a market place. If you don’t have your own products to sell and you can’t find or make the product than you can sell other people’s products and earn a commission. This process is called Affiliate Marketing in which you can earn a commission by promoting other people’s products or the company’s product.

Advantage of Affiliate Marketing:

No marketing skills required: If you are not good at marketing skills, don’t worry a good affiliate product has it all.
Unlimited income: Once you have started affiliate marketing and get a grip on it then you can perform this marketing strategy on the various website that allows affiliate marketing. By this, you can earn more money.
Zero investment: It cost nothing to start and very easy.

Disadvantage of Affiliate Marketing:

Middleman fee involved: In affiliate marketing, there is also a middleman that affiliates you with the merchants and you have to pay them from the money you earn from the sales.
Fraudsters: Some dishonest individuals hijack affiliate links and steal their commission in this process.
Pay per Sale: You only get paid when your website sells a product. All the marketing efforts transfer to you. Therefore, you do not get paid if they lose sales due to poor offers.

The Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Model:

4: Design Clothes:

Today everyone wants to wear good clothes. Designing and selling clothes and other items is a good way to make money online fast. At any time without having to worry about the risks of security upgrades and hacking you can start selling clothes online is the best ways to make easy money online. And you can design and print anything on clothes and shirts etc.

Advantages of Design Clothes:

Minimum Risk: There is a minimum risk because there are not many expenses related to it so you don’t have much to lose. Minimum investment: You just need your designs and a website to sell them.
Easy selling: Upsell is really easy. If someone wants to buy a shirt then maybe he buys a cap with the same design.

Disadvantage of Design Clothes:

Duplicate Design: It’s very easy for people to copy your design and undersell you.
Designs Competition: This can be hard to come with new and winning designs when you have not a list of audience.

5: PLR and MRR:

PLR means Private Label Rights and MRR means Master resell rights. These are the digital product that creates by others but they allow you to sell these products on your own and you can also recreate them your own. For example; Video training, eBooks, and even software.

Advantages of PLR and MRR:

Time-saving: Here you have not to come with a new idea. PLR already give you idea and outline.
Cost-efficient: PLR and MRR content is affordable as compare to hiring Videographer or writer.
Targeting the right place for resale: You have to find the best and high-quality group of marketers. The resellers can invest a large amount of money for purchasing the resale rights products.

Disadvantage of PLR and MRR:

Generic: Some content is written very poorly.PLR needs to be understood as a framework from which you can add your idea.
Restrictions: There can be restrictions on the PLR license that how it is used. For example, you can’t offer the content for free. It is more commonly seen in the content of MRR. PLR may also have limitations. Must read the license carefully.

6: Email Marketing:

Email marketing is also the best way of making money online. It has the highest conversion rate on marketing channels. Email marketing is more effective than other social media acquiring more customers.

Advantage of Email Marketing:

Affordable: As compared to the direct mail campaign the email marketing is more affordable and effective. Initially, you'll have the cost of creating the email list after that cost will be low.
Reach to people quickly: In digital and online marketing strategies it is difficult to reach millions of people in your target market. But with one email you can quickly reach people and convey your message to millions of people.
Email can produce in a short time: It is the fastest way that you can make an offer. It allows you to enhance the direct email campaign. And Emails are easy to share in minutes.

Disadvantage of Email Marketing:

Not reaching the right audience: First of all, make sure that you have a list of potential leads before you spend time on it. Your email marketing can’t be successful if don’t belong to the people most likely to become your customer.
Spam filters may reduce the opportunities: If your targeted audience is already swamped with the commercial emails. Maybe they delete your emails without opening it or unsubscribe you.
Responsive design: your email must have a responsive design for all devices because you don’t know where someone likes to read your mail like on a laptop, mobile or iPhone.

The Email Marketing Sales Funnel Module:

7: Blog:

Today Blogging is the most popular and trendiest way to earn money online. There are millions of blogs on the internet and numbers of rapidly increasing every day. However, Blogging is not as easy as most people think. Blogging also has pros and cons.

Advantage of Blogging:

Easy to start: Starting a blog is not rocket science you can easily start your blog and you can also consult with a blogger. Nowadays people use readymade templates and themes for making a blog instead of coding or web designs.
Low Investment: If you are starting a blog it requires very low investment. If you have your own website then creating a blog is very simple and easy.
Flexibility: Blogging gives the freedom to work at any time and from everywhere. There are no deadlines.

Disadvantages of Blogging:

Time-consuming: Writing content for a blog is time-consuming it takes enormous time for content writing and you have to organize yourself. If you are planning to blog once a month or once in six months, you will not think about it at all.
It takes time to earn money: If you are starting a blog it takes too much time to make money. Some viral content starts making a large amount of money very quickly. In short, blogging is a long term game.
Technical issues: Sometimes technical issues expand and that is more time consuming it takes probably 30 minutes to figure out something.

The Blog Sales Funnel Module:

8: Fiverr:

Nowadays making money on Fiverr is very common. It is the world’s largest marketplace where you can sell your small services. It is an effective way to make money online at home.


User-Friendly: Fiverr is easy and user-friendly. If you are beginners you can also understand each and everything about the Fiverr.
You don’t have to beg for work: This is a good thing about the Fiverr that you don’t have to approach the customer to buy your services you just put gigs on Fiverr and wait for the notification email from the customers.
Manage your own time: You can decide that when you want to do work.


Low income: This is the biggest disadvantage working with Fiverr is that you have to pay tax applied to each transaction. It means if a work for $5 he can get only $4 and $1 will be the tax of fiverr.
Fiverr block your account: Fiverr is not reliable because the team on Fiverr can block your account at any time due to a reason or without any reason and you can’t do anything.
Difficult for the beginners: Having the first order or project on Fiverr is very difficult. Everyone looks for experts and do not take a risk of trying a beginner because all are available at the same price.