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How To Go From $0 to $100k MRR In 90 Days Or Less Without Raising Money

Individuals who are working hard to market their SAAS business but unfortunately are failing at it. They know that they have every element to establish a high-end SAAS company yet they fail. It fills them up with rage because they had super high-expectations in creating a successful company.

These startups fail not because they don’t understand the activities needed to be executed, but because they don’t understand the order in which to execute the activities and hence taking the entire company towards its decline. By identifying your mistakes in the startups, your SAAS Company can still result in a treasure trove.

Individuals who are working hard to market their SAAS business but unfortunately are failing at it. They know that they have every element to establish a high-end SAAS company yet they fail. It fills them up with rage because they had super high-expectations in creating a successful company.


  • The truth is that if you have a great product, but the wrong marketing and sales strategy, you will fail.

  • If your message and niche are not focused, you will fail.

  • If you try to raise too much money too early, you will become focused on the wrong things at the wrong time, and it will take you much longer to get any real traction.
  • If you are bootstrapped, but sell monthly subscriptions without offing upfront deals, you will run into a cash trough and you will run out of money.
  • The purpose of this training is to help you become proficient in goal-oriented-selling and turn your business into millions of dollars without raising money or taking big risks.

  • This strategy only works for high ticket businesses or SaaS businesses with at least a $1K price range.

Who this is for:

Have a sales team that closes the vast majority of revenue, but your function is to get well qualified and warmed up leads that are closed by the sales team.
SaaS business owners / High ticket sellers who want to increase the number of sales/revenue but don’t have good funding for paid advertising.
Consultants / Agencies who want to take their game to the next level and make magic.

Who this is not for:

Who doesn’t have a product or service ready to get into the market?
People don’t make themselves accountable.
Passing over opportunities without taking action.

Step 1

Your first step is to make a clear solution to your product or service, create a target audience who are the people you can provide a solution to. Identify the target market and do some research on your competitors. Find out how they are delivering solutions to their customers or clients. Do pricing according to the market and it should be affordable to your customers. Your pricing must be less than the value that your customers get from you.

Step 2

If you already have a few customers then it’s a good option to interview them and collect some case studies. If your customers are not happy, find out the reason, do surveys or interviews and look on your solutions. Your customers must be happy and feel valuable by a partnership with you.
The case studies that you will collect from them will work as social proof to get more customers. The surveys will help you to make a better product for them. It will also engage your customers or clients.

Step 3

Write a compelling long sales letter, video sales letter which should include solutions to the problem, case studies, testimonials, credibility, guarantee, call to action. Build cold calling scripts, email outreach messages, and LinkedIn outreach messages, etc. Create a sales funnel according to the high ticket price.

Step 4

In step 4 you are going to create and optimize your LinkedIn profile, email account, website sales page same as your long sales letter. Everything should be ready before you reach out.

Step 5

You will have cold traffic on your website, create a paid retarget advertising funnel to reach out to the people who visited your website. I recommend a display campaign with the help you roll works for the retargeting funnel.

Step 6

You can implement the strategy given below yourself or hire a virtual assistant for this. I have added tasks and responsibilities of virtual assistant for this job. If you do it yourself, you will not need to pay anything but if you hire a virtual assistant you may need to pay something to the virtual assistant. But if a virtual assistant does these things, you can spend time on other things of business development. I highly recommend you hire a virtual assistant.

Step 7

If you have a virtual assistant and are working full time, he can get 10 to 15 appointments or demos per week.

Step 8

Initially give a free trial to your prospects and present a demo so they can see how it is useful for their business. In the trial, you have a good opportunity to convert them if you become a follow-up machine.

Step 9

You would hire a commission-based sales team to knock down opportunities you lined up with your marketing funnel.

The average commission on SAAS products or high ticket sales is 10%. You can outsource the person at Linked, Glassdoor, Craigslist, or other recruitment platforms.

If you follow these steps and our outbound prospecting strategy, you will hit $100K in 90 days. This strategy is scalable and it can help you to get a good number of new clients. The more activity you do, the more sales results you can get.

Again you must provide value to the prospects, listen to them, find their pain points, and give solutions.

This is an end to end sales process by which you are finding the lead, warming up the leads and turning it into an opportunity, and closing the lead without raising money or without taking a big risk.
This approach enables me to be incredibly data-driven, to analyze which areas of the business need the most attention in order to produce the best results.

However, I would say increasing the number of leads but not increasing the number of conversions means the opportunity is being wasted, hence when we work with a company, we want to ensure, we have the right strategy in place that is mapped entirely to enhance the Customer Value Journey, maximize the return on investment at every stage of the funnel.
My name is Imran Javid and I specialize in helping SaaS business owners or marketing heads.
I started this business back in Jun 2018 and quickly scaled my monthly revenue to $20K per month using all organic strategies that I am sharing here.
I work closely with the B2B Growth and Marketing teams of the company who want to increase at least 30% of revenue with no extra cost. You already have products/services defined, identified markets and the price of the product is according to the market. You have documented everything including the sales letter before you outreach to the people, If you conduct these activities in the wrong order, you may have a bad reputation in the market and all the waste of time and money.
Along the way, I worked with many clients having SaaS and high ticket businesses. Some strategies worked great and some were a waste of money and time. So, I will make sure that these strategies will work for your business or not.
Here, I will share my best strategies and experiments. According to my experience, you can easily achieve up to $70K extra revenue depending upon the size and the potential of the business.

Top-performing channel: LinkedIn

According to, You’re missing 80% of your leads if you are not active on LinkedIn. I have worked on all channels and I believe that LinkedIn is one of the top-performing channels if you are a SaaS business.

Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.

  • You can reach out to around 80% of targeted people.
  • The appointment booking rate is approximately 10-15%.
  • It is cost-effective, you only need a Sales Navigator LinkedIn account, Email account, and LinkedIn automation tool.
  • It also works to bring sophisticated buyers into the enterprise.
  • The whole process is really quick, furthermore, optimization and experimentation are quick and easy.
  • Sales reps will work on a commission-only basis. You will not have the risk of spending money against no conversions. This also allows you to find the best salespeople out there.


If you are targeting people through LinkedIn, you must follow the following things. This is an end to end sales and you should be proficient in it. This is how you get your first customers.

  • The first step is to optimize the LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile functions as a landing page/sales page and with up to date content matching with the website.
  • Have a professional profile picture with the right impression.
  • Headline matching with the website Headline. It should be claiming your product/service.
  • The summary should look like a mini sales letter. It should include audience problems you are solving, solution, credibility, and features.

This is what we are doing

DM-Flows is implementing the same strategy on high ticket sales and onboard 2 clients each month. We only prospect and onboard prospects from organic traffic but also a small campaign of retargeting funnel to get back the interested people. We are using spreadsheets as CRM systems, SalesQl for leads scraping, email, and LinkedIn for outbound prospecting. We don’t raise money and generate 90% ROI and a high conversion rate. is a Crypto<>FIAT payment gateway committed to improving their revenue. We implemented the end to end outbound prospecting, revenue funnels and increased 40% of their revenue in just 90 days. We generated a 1% high ticket sales conversion rate with this strategy. We got 50% qualified leads from these channels.

We scraped the leads and initiated a chat with them with small but compelling messages that helped us to qualify the prospects for When leads are qualified, we ask simple questions to engage them with the offer in order to move forward in the funnel. We follow up with them and convert the leads by multiple touchpoints. We experimented with different strategies and optimized the campaign which worked well for them.

We helped Zentist, another high-growth SaaS company, to grow their business using LinkedIn and email; furthermore, we used Calendly for appointment booking. We used HubSpot as a CRM and email automation tool. In the Ambassadors Campaign, we generated 8-10 appointments per week and in the ZenCheck campaign, we generated 2-5 signups per week. We just used LinkedIn and email for outreach.

This screenshot is from the sheet of the leads collected from LinkedIn and scraped contact details with help of SalesQl.

This is the pipeline of the ZenCheck campaign from all channels. We generated a good number of appointments from email and LinkedIn. Our outbound prospecting campaign was 2 times less than in cost as compared to the paid campaign.

Here is the strategy of LinkedIn marketing that helped me to generate $100K


Find your targeted people contacts on LinkedIn by using filters such as search by Industry, Job Title, Seniority level, Location, and the current time in the industry. Make sure you find the right person (decision maker) for your product or service. If your sales navigator account is not very old, don’t send more than 50 messages per day. Warm up the account for a few days.


Do some research on the profile and pick out something to mention as a reference while having a conversation with your contact. Look at their articles, activities and find a spot problem. If possible, take a spot of trouble from Twitter as well.


Scrap their contact information (phone number and email) with tools like SalesQl or


If you have a CRM system like HubSpot, imports the data into the CRM system. If you don’t have a CRM system, put the data into a Google spreadsheet. Make the lead status as Outbound. It will help you to filter the outbound leads.


Send a LinkedIn connection request with a personalized message.

The People: DMFlows Business Development Services

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