Why Do Entrepreneurs Fail?


According to research, 99% of people who venture into entrepreneurship inevitably fail within their first five years. 

But you must have asked yourselves, “Despite putting so much effort, time, and  money into it, why did they fail?” 

I have several years of experience working with many startups, so in the 1st post, I'll discuss the “Reasons why Entrepreneurs Fail” and “The Right Order to Execute the Plan” in the 2nd post.

 And here’s my take on this:-

  • In case of wrong sales and marketing strategy, they fail.
  • If the niche is not focused and the messages are not personalized to the target people, the plans will not be successfully executed.
  • If more money is raised initially, it diverts their attention and focuses on various things at the right time, wasting time and delaying achieving the right results.
  • If the company is entirely bootstrapped and monthly subscriptions are sold, there is no consistency in clients. Indeed, they will be making money, but at the same point, they will fall into a cash gully and run out of money sooner or later.

The Right Order to Execute the Plan: 

  • Create a target audience by creating a clear vision of your product or service. See who your competitors are and do some market research. See what your competitors are doing and what is missing at your end, and set the prices lower than the market price.
  • If you already have permanent customers, then get some feedback about improvements that could be made to make the product/service more effective and efficient.
  • Create an extensive and compelling sales letter, cold calling scripts, and LinkedIn and email outreach messages, including solutions to problems, testimonials, case studies, guarantees, and credibility. Build a sales funnel according to high-ticket prices.
  • Create an optimized LinkedIn profile, a website sales page, and an email account according to the extensive sales letter that you have created. All of this should be ready before you reach out to the client.
  • You will get cold traffic on your site and start creating a paid retargeting marketing/advertising funnel to reach people who have visited your site.
  • If you are too busy to do these tasks by yourself or you are not marketing savvy, then you can hire a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant can get your business at least 10 to 15 appointments or a demo in a week.
  • Give your prospects a free trial and a demo to show how beneficial it is for their business. And in this free trial period, you can convert these clients into permanent clients if you get feedback repeatedly.

So If you follow this outbound prospecting strategy and these steps, you can make $100k in 90 days. This is a very scalable strategy, and it will help you in getting more clients.

“ The more activities you execute, the more sales you will get.”

Hope this helps :)

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