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Case Study 2
We worked with a 3PL logistics company based in the Netherlands and helped them get e-commerce businesses. We collected the data from e-commerce stores based in the United States and selling products in Europe so that they can get a warehousing and shipping facility in the United Kingdom.

Outbound For E-fulfillment Service Provider

Our client was a rapidly growing e-commerce fulfillment provider for online businesses. After installing a fully automated warehousing system, they focused on setting a new standard by hiring new clients and utilizing the ample spaces they now have in their warehouses. The following is how DM Flows contacted premium relevant audiences and got the highest conversion rate by booking appointments for them.

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About The Company

With their new facility located in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, they were centrally located in that country and across Europe. This makes them an ideal partner for internationally focused online sellers.

They were confident that they could capture a significant share of the market due to their improved picking productivity, great fulfillment speed, and providing same-day delivery. But they needed a proper business development process. Our main goal was to jump in and book high-quality SQLs in their sales pipeline.

While doing outbound marketing for them, we tried a unique yet effective process that scaled their business. The challenge was first to identify the ideal customer profile for their business. So we tried a new method that completely revolutionized their business.

Our Strategy

We wanted to create a sense of urgency in the mind of prospects. As online business is expanding rapidly, customers now demand on-time delivery. So, this is important always to keep your stock filled up. To qualify prospects, we created personalized lines for each one of them. DM Flows visited each prospect's company + LinkedIn profile and created icebreakers by adding valuable points to attract them.


Our approach helped us reach ideal customers, and we have achieved up to 5 appointments /per week with just this single email channel.

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