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Case Study 3
We worked with NetSuite Solution Providers in the USA and the Middle East and helped them sell NetSuite solutions and consultancy across different industries. We segmented the data across different verticals and highlighted the problems they face managing their business operations while using the alternates of NetSuite.

Outbound For NetSuite Solution Providers

Our clients were NetSuite Solution Providers enabling businesses to have direct access to a dedicated team of Certified NetSuite Veteran Consultants, CPAs, and Engineers. As industry veterans, they aimed to provide their clients with a one-stop solution to manage all their business operations. DM Flows contacted premium relevant audiences in different industries and booked demo calls for them, followed by the conversion. 

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About The Company

NetSuite implementation is challenging because it usually consists of planning and preparation, configuration and data migration, testing, and training for the go-live data. They were professionals in fixing companies' nagging issues during the NetSuite implementation. 

Due to their expertise and deep eyeballing in NetSuite implementation, they knew what they could take from the company. There has also been a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt placed into the marketplace by competing solutions about NetSuite's actual cost and TCO. 

But, they needed proper business development to overcome these challenges. Our main goal was to grab the audience's interest and make them realize why NetSuite is one throat to choke for all opportunities available to them. 

While doing outbound marketing, we scaled their business with a unique approach. We implemented our effective yet proven strategies to identify their ideal customer profile. 

How Did It Work?

Our professional data-sourcing team segmented the whole process into different verticals. We targeted industries like; retail, F&B, Bio-Tech, and many others. Hereupon, we researched and chunked the data into job titles, seniority levels, and departments.

Henceforth, we highlighted the problems they might face by not using NetSuite and how it can enhance the scalability of their businesses. We converted these problems and their solutions into compelling and credible email copy started by unique personalized lines for each prospect. 

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Our Strategy

DM Flows focused on realizing the companies that should use NetSuite. And for those already on NetSuite, our clients will help them with any issue they may face or provide them with consultancy services. 

We created personalized lines for each prospect by visiting their website and LinkedIn profile. We also tried different email copies and did A/B testing to increase emails' deliverability and determine which sequence performed well. 

Campaign optimization was done weekly until we started receiving high-quality SQLs.

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