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Case Study 1
Our client was a fast-growing SaaS startup, Pull Request as a Service business. We worked with them and helped them get open-source projects from contributors via cold outreach. We have generated up to 40% response rate and 35% interested leads using single-channel outreach.

About The Company

Our client was a Pull Request as a service SaaS startup based in the United States. They develop an online freelancer hiring platform to help businesses pass on their backlog work. 

The goal was to engage the open-source communities to get Pull requests as a service from that platform. So we did work on finding the contributors of open source communities and getting them onboard. 

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How Did We Work?

We collected the contributors from open source projects, collected their PRs from open source projects communities, and reached out to them with the screenshots/reference of their Pull Requests and solutions posts. We used single-channel outreach for this campaign.

Our Approaches

We found the open source projects and their contributors' data from GitHub, including the screenshot of their Repo, Repo name, and URL as custom variables, making the emails talk to the point only.  We were scraping the emails using Apollo and validating data from emailable. 

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Because the data was highly segmented and we were adding screenshots of inquiries and talking about their pain points, we got stunning instant results.

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