We believe companies can grow with a conscience and that they can do it with HubSpot inbound.

We are experienced in warming up leads. We know how to logically capture the mind of the prospects.

We have more than seven years of experience working with more than 50+ firms. We have designed successful B2B and B2C strategies for many businesses that successfully achieved the targeted goals. My clients are SAAS companies, Supply Chain, Logistics & Retail companies, Marketing Agencies etc.

The History Of DMFlows


Two engineers  joined hands with a dream to built Digital Marketing Agency.

Mid 2019

Crack our first few clients and expanded team  to four employees.


Decided to open office in Lahore, to attract
business solutions & access people, 😷 COVID-19 Came and forcefully we had to close our office
and Turned REMOTE.


DM Family regrouped again and started office in Wapda town Multan, At that time we had some clients working with us and started hiring new teams.


DM Family grows to 23 people organization and gained record clients growth of 70% and revenue growth of 50%.

Late 2023

We decided to make DMF a standardized organization and implement growth-oriented system for Business & people.

Our Specialties

Helping Millions Grow Better

We build, manage, and scale outbound campaigns through contact sourcing, email, LinkedIn, and calling. Our clients hire us to increase the amount of qualified leads and booked demos to grow revenue.

Growing Sales
We believe if we send a clear message to the right prospect it works. Scraping contacts is easy and everyone is doing this, but we pick the prospects by taking care of buyers intent and making a snippet for each prospect to make a higher relevant message.
Lead Generations
We qualify the leads by getting their pain points and sell solutions to them intelligently. We helped over 100 businesses in the business development sector.
B2B Growth
To get the maximum output from the campaign we make the campaign strategy where we can do value propositions, and select the engagement channels, platforms, and touchpoints sequence with their buying intent.
B2B Sales
We help sales teams of B2B SaaS & IT companies get a predictable flow of sales appointments onto their calendars that turn into paying clients.

Client Testimonials

"Imran is fantastic 🔥!

He brings really good results and is a pleasure to work with. Plus he really cares about delivering results: even if his skillset lies in automation, he volunteered his help to manually enrich a ton of leads when we had to do this grunt work. Very organized, responsive, and professional.

We now have too many projects to handle, so we're pausing work, but I'd love to work with him again." 

Group 67

Corentin Treboal

Chief Technolgy Officer | @Gitstart

"Imran has been a great marketing partner and consultant. A key addition to the team that has helped us accelerate our programs and campaigns.

Love that he and his team bring a lot of expertise and hands-on experience to the engagement in SEO/SEM, email, CRM/marketing automation, reporting, data management, and campaign execution.

Definitely recommend working with Imran and we are actually starting up a new contract shortly so excited to continue the partnership."


James Niehaus

Demand Generation Head | @FunnelEnvy

"Imran helped us set up the marketing process. He was instrumental in setting up our new CRM in HubSpot (purchased on his recommendation).

He also helped build the list of the first several hundred leads, drafted email templates, reached out to them, and facilitated discovery meetings. I am very happy with Imran's work and will hire him again."


Ella Epshteyn

Chiefe Executive Officer | @Attecs

"Imran was very fast in understanding our business and our needs. He was very successful in finding the best potentials. I hope to work with him in the near future." 


Ruud Reijmerink

CEO | @ActiveAnts

"Very competent! Got me leads as required. Works in a timely manner and is reliable!" 

Custom 3D Desserts

Ismar Toromanovic

Chief Executive Officer | @Custom 3D Desserts

"Consummate professional; very dedicated to working, experienced, and knowledgeable. High level of email marketing domain knowledge. Trustworthy and reliable."

Sibert Consulting

Paul Siebert

Owner | @Siebert Consulting

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