Prospecting Secrets

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You get rid of all that pressure by saying things like:

👉John, I don't know if we even need to talk today. Could I tell you what I do, and you let me know if you think we need to talk more.. or not?"

👉John, I'd like to tell you in 30 seconds why I'm calling, and you can let me know if it's you or if there's someone else I should be talking with, fair?"

👉John, can I take a minute to explain what I do and who I help to see if there's any value in you talking more? Please feel free to stop me at any time.

99% of the time, they say go ahead. If they say they don't have time, reiterate it will take less than a minute, or you could call back at another time.
No wimping out here. If they ask to call back, make sure you agree on a time and date they will be at their desk.
Say: "I understand, and I'll reach out another time. Would it be helpful for me to take 30 seconds to tell you why I'm calling, and we can decide it makes sense to have that follow-up call?"

Don't use 1st party story like "Are you having problems with...

Utilize a 3rd party story and put some challenge out there that might hook them.
i.e., We work with influencers to help scale their revenue fast with an experienced sales team.

Typically, entrepreneurs talk to us because they are frustrated/concerned/ worried/upset/angry/sick and tired of...

"But I don't suppose these are problems you're facing, are they?"

"I guess these aren't the issues you face with your sales team, though..?"

"I guess a company of your size doesn't suffer from these problems, though.."

If the prospect jumps in: Actually. Yes,

they are...

"Treat this like they DO NOT have a problem, are not serious about fixing it, and have not themselves realized it is a problem!"

High Ticket Closers say:

"If there was something I could do to help, and I'm not saying there is, would you be interested in diving a little deeper?"

'Hey John, can I make a suggestion? Do this for me; look at your calendar and pick a day in the next week.

You and I can talk much more in-depth about what's working and what needs to change, the kind of work we do, and whether there's anything we can do for you. We're very good at what we do, but we're not for everyone, so if we don't see a fit, that's fine. We can figure it out together. Is that fair?"

"If the end decide we're not for you you, or I think we can't help, are you

Okay, with being upfront and saying so?

You won't tell me to "follow up" when you really mean "no", so you don't hurt my feelings?

Key Takeaway

Remember, making FCCs is what we do to put opportunities into the pipeline.

STOP trying to sell on your first contact calls

If the person you're speaking with is not a good fit,


If it's a fit, transition from the initial stage to the next one. (A face-to-face meeting, call into the next meeting, a webinar, or the next appointment)

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